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Good King Wenceslas by J. M. Strother

Posted: June 30, 2010 by leftsock in highlights


It’s never too early/late for Christmas cheer. Besides, everyone knows that Christmas is a holiday that is secretly dedicated to socks — why else hang so many in positions of prominence throughout the house?

So I thought to give a shout-out to another sock-related story I found after intensive investigative research. I particularly like how it is the fact that a sock goes missing that helps develop the plot — this author sure knows the importance of socks!

She took it back with an abundance of blessings, and began rooting through it. Her search became more and more agitated. “Oh Lordy, he got my purse!” At that, the passerby took his leave, evidently wanting no more involvement. I helped Gail search through the bag. She was right. The sock was gone. — Good King Wenceslas

Go read it.


relative terms by j.c. montgomery

Posted: June 18, 2010 by leftsock in highlights


The man who loves me now could care less about what holds me together. He loves it when I smile, not because I have nice teeth, far from it. It’s because it means I’m happy. I am. Except when I look down and notice I’m not wearing socks. — Relative Terms

An old story, but a new find for us! Despite it’s low sock count, this is a beautiful ode to the usefulness of socks. Go read it.

the collector by mcm

Posted: June 15, 2010 by leftsock in highlights


There is a subversive movement to spread sock-love amongst the masses through subliminal techniques, particularly by working references into literature. A prime example is the short story The Collector, in which the main characters collect unpaired socks.

There were socks stuck to every piece of furniture, socks hanging from the ceiling, and so many socks along the walls that the place almost seemed a big, soft explosion of colour and texture. There were no echoes in here. It was maddeningly buffeted. —The Collector

Some may view this as an allegory of the modern packrat tendencies of the overly entitled middle classes, but you and I both know what it TRULY is: a subliminal reference to fellow members of The Unpaired Socks Appreciation Society.

There are in fact 21 separate references to socks and sock-related items; all that is missing is a gnome.

Lastly, one of the story’s characters is Dougley Caligula, a well-known father figure in the history of sock-loving, widely admired for his outstanding ability to tell left and right socks apart.

Go read The Collector and admire a sock-lover’s genius.